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Listen to the latest lineup from Focal Audio. We are just as excited to audition these ourselves.

New Focal Chora Debut


Listen to one of the best amplifiers I have heard to date! Chat with Aldo from Audio Research and experience out the latest addition to our store.

Audio Research 160m


Learn how high quality streaming can be achieved and affordable.

Learn high res streaming with NAD


Watches and Whisky tasting session, brought to you by BH Strap Co. RSVP is


Watches and Whisky


Listen to the new Chord M Scaler, using the most advanced filter in the world. Check it out yourself and see what it can do for your system! 

Chord M Scaler


For the last few years we have sponsored

the "Calgary Performing Arts" and all proceeds from our event will be donated to their cause. They will be providing "live" performances for all of you to enjoy!

Calgary Performing Arts



The people at NAD will be showcasing the M10 with the newly updated Dirac software installed. Learn and listen to the difference digital room correction can do.

Dirac with NAD M10


We are hoping to get these in time. These speakers are truly special and in our opinion one of the best speakers we have heard.

PMC Fenestria


Join us in celebrating Mido's 100th year anniversary of Swiss Watchmaking

Mido's 100th Anniversary


Indulge your eyes with Artwork from Gerry,

Monelle and Ettian. They will be showcasing some of their latest pieces.


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